Take for granted

We may often be physically around but we are neglecting our family members unconsciously.

We may have taken things for granted and forgotten to spend time talking to our loved ones.

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It is a fact that many modern families may sit together for a meal but everyone may not be interacting.

Everyone may be using their tablets or mobile phones while having their meal.

Technology has provided advancement but it has also become a hindrance to direct communication with the person that can be just opposite or next to us.

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My son can be in his room and he is too lazy to walk over to inform me about his activity so he simply send a whatsapp message.

Below is a short videoclip that shares how modern families may have neglected the importance of family ties.

Our partner

Our partner, husband or wife, is supposed to be our partner for life even when our children grow up and leave us.

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Very often, we may have neglected our most immediate and important person in our lives.

We take our partner for granted and we may have compared our partner with someone who seems to be better.

On the appearance, someone else may be better but we may get to find out that there may be flaws that we cannot see until we find out more.

There is really no perfect person in this world. We need to look at our partner’s strengths and accept his/her weaknesses.

When we took our wedding vows many years ago, we did exclaim to accept one another as well as for better or for worse.

Appreciate our partner and do not take our partner for granted.

Our parents

Not everyone knows their natural parents.

Not every parent is alive today.

For some of us, who still have parents who are alive, our busy schedule keeps us from spending quality time with our parents.

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We are always busy at work and we may have very little free time to rest and have our own leisure.

Can you imagine that one day our parents decide to disappear without warning just like the video?

By then, we may realise our mistakes that we have not noticed the presence of our parents even though they are around us.

Appreciate our parents since they may not be around forever.

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Our children

When our children are still young, we need to role model how we should treat the elderly especially our parents if they are still around.

They need to see the filial side of us and this can be a fragment of their memory that gets rooted in them deeply.

We need to show them the importance family ties through our actions.

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There is really no point telling our children the importance of family ties especially we are the ones who are not showing it.

Embrace the need for family ties when our children are still young before it is too late to educate them.

Broken family ties can be hard to restore and it can be a repeated cycle from one generation to another generation.

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In conclusion

We need to realise the importance of keeping our family ties.

When unexpected challenges in life appear, our family members are the ones who will stay with us.

Below is a short videoclip of how a father supported his son when he could not walk.

We may play different roles in a family. We are children to our parents and we are parents to our children.

We need to value our own roles in life and seek what we can do to make the best out of these roles to secure and pass down the importance of family ties.

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Spot early dementia

The elderly, who are suffering dementia, may not know that they have dementia.

It is especially hard for those who have been extremely independent and they have always been the ones helping or supporting others.

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When it is time for them to be supported by others, the change from being the helper to the burden of the family is really hard for them to accept.

When reality steps in and the doctors firmly declare the condition of dementia, they have to face their own condition and many may fall into depression since they cannot accept the fact.

Below is a short videoclip about recognising dementia to raise the awareness of the need for family members to give greater support.

Signs and symptoms

Dementia does not cause physical disability but it affects the memory part and its ability to recall.

It is true that not every elderly may face this but it can cause the decline of brain when one gets it.

It is often seemed in those above 60 years old.

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Awareness of dementia and its symptoms can make a positive difference to both patients and their family members.

–   Unable to judgement correctly

–   Difficulty in doing the once routine things

–   Communication problems

–   Place things at the wrong place

–   Forgetfulness

–   Poor planning and decline of problem-solving skills

–   Isolation from work and social activities

–   Time and place confusion

–   Obvious personality changes

–   Mood swing or behaviour changes

Prevention of dementia

Very often, we see retired people start to develop dementia when they do not use their brain often.

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Steemit is a great place for retired people to keep thinking what they can write daily and keep them writing new article with their brain actively exercising.

Below are some ideas for prevention:

–   Keep mental activeness through reading, writing, playing cards or even play board games. Acquire new skills can keep the brain active and alert.

–   Engage in healthy social activities like being a volunteer, join a club etc

–   Eat healthily by having an increase intake of fruits and vegetables.

–   Reduce sugar and salt intake and choose to low fat and saturated fat.

–   Exercise regularly to keep good blood flow that can improve brain function.

–   Reduce alcohol intake and quit smoking.

–   Go for regular health checks

In conclusion

There is no elderly who choose to have dementia. As family members, we should give more care and support.

Encourage active use of their brain as suggested above.

For mild cases, we can even provide notes as reminders and take active steps to ensure their conditions can be under better control and monitoring.

Seeking for support and advice from those who have elderly with same condition can be useful.

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Seeking advice from doctors and how we can help our parents to prevent or slow down the process of dementia can be active steps that we can take.


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Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth. By reading this post, you acknowledge and accept that. All images and pictures were taken from google images that are free from copyright under labelled for reuse.

A village teacher in China

The inspiring life of a village teacher in China.

She overcomes the difficulty of each day to travel from her home to her school for more than 31 years.

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She has to carry heavy books several times each year and walk many miles. It takes 14 to 15 hours of walking each day before she can return home after work.

As teachers of modern society, we often complain about the traffic jam as well as the slow public transport.

We can never imagine ourselves walking 14 to 15 hours each day to reach school.

We would probably be exhausted before we reach school for our lessons.

The passion to teach

What could be the driving force that keeps her going each day to teach?

I believe it is the passion to teach.

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Many teachers can easily exclaim that we have the passion to teach that is why we have chosen to become teachers.

The teacher in the video would have put many of us to shame as she continues to teach even when life as a teacher in the village is hard.

How often have we complained about the different systems or people we dislike?

In the video, we can see that she does not have any support.

With her intrinsic motivation, she stays true to her passion to teach for more than 31 years.

Her passion to teach is a good role model for us.

Personal challenges

In the video, we know that she faced her life greatest challenge when her husband became paralysed due to an injury caused by falling mountain stones.

She faced with dilemma between the need to take care of her husband and the need to continue to educate her village students.

Her passion kept her determined to carry the burdens of both and continue her journey both as a wife to take care of her husband and a dedicated teacher to educate the next generation.

Everyone of us may face challenges in certain point of our lives.

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During those challenging times, we can find it hard to focus on our students.

We are fortunate to be in schools where there are many other teachers to support us mentally as well as physically when we need help.

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The village teacher is alone and she does not have any help or support within her school.

We must be thankful and appreciate what we have in school.

When we compare our problems to hers, our problems and complains become really insignificant.

Dream builders

As teachers, we can be dream builders.

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The village teacher, who has been teaching for more than 31 years, must have many students who are already adults.

Without her sacrifices and commitment, many village children may not get the required education to have dreams beyond their village.

Our job as teachers can provide an opportunity to balance the inequality of society for poor people.

With their children receiving better education, they would have more job opportunities to improve their family conditions.

We also enable our students to have dreams for their future with the education that they receive.

At the end of the video, we get to know some of the dreams of the village students. One of them wanted to be a teacher like us.

There is no dream that is impossible as dream makes one to move forward to realise the reality of it.

Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth. By reading this post, you acknowledge and accept that. All images and pictures were taken from google images that are free from copyright under labelled for reuse.

Every teacher can be a superman

One of the greatest movie heroes is definitely superman. Superman was already a famous character since I was young.

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Today, every child still knows superman as the movie hero with superpower.

There are many inspirational words in superman movies.

This short article is going to explore possibilities of how teachers can impact their students.

Change the world

Just like superman, we can change the world in our own little ways.

We cannot change the whole world but we can change one at a time.

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Each time we enter a classroom, we can change the lives of the students that parents have entrusted us with.

Through impacting these little lives, we can impact many others as our students bring the right values with them to many others around them.

Our students’ children can also be impacted by our influence as teachers.

Positive mindset

Superman mentioned that we can be stronger than what we think.

We can instil the mindset of turning impossible to possible in our students.

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The belief that we have yet to reach the limit and there is still greater potential within them to be discovered and explored.

Very often, students, who cannot do better than the present, lack the confidence to try as the mindset of failure can be so deeply rooted within them.

Teachers would need to lead them to experience little successes to reset their minds to face their challenges with greater confidence.

Start to dream

We must first dream before we can have faith to proceed with our dream.

When we take active plans to achieve our dreams, we are lifted in our faith to move nearer to our dreams.

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Through dreams, we can be transformed and make our dreams into reality.

As a Christian, I learn that without vision, the people perish. Without a dream, each of our students would have nothing to aim for.

Dreams can bring the drive and passion to put thoughts into reality and impossible to possible.

I had written about Sparsh Shah in my previous article. One of the four values that helps him to turn impossible to possible is that he is able to dream big.

Put on the cape

Courage is needed to enable us to take risk. We can motivate our students to have the courage to explore different possibilities and take calculated risk.

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Everyone can be a hero but not everyone has the courage to become one since the risk factor becomes higher.

A hero may still feel fear but taking courage to do what others think is impossible and make it possible.

It is like putting on the cape like superman to do the impossible.

Our limits

What are our limits?

Most students may not know their own limits unless they test it.

Many students may not push themselves as hard as they can since they know that they can still do fine without pushing themselves.

They may also lack the confidence to face their own limitations.

As a result, we often see students with high potential but not performing to their possible potential.

We can encourage our students to learn beyond what they think they can.

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We can encourage them to participate in competitions that they may not know whether they can do it.

Through testing their own limits in different areas, they can find out their strengths and weaknesses as well as push themselves to a greater height.

Step of faith

As teachers, we may often doubt whether our students can be responsible enough to help us to organise or manage certain administrative roles in class.

Teachers must first take a step of faith by assigning roles to our students and let them explore how they can fly.

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It is important to believe in our students even through it is hard to trust by what you see presently.

When opportunities are provided, there can be greater growth in our students.

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first before we see our students fly.

Super strength

Teachers can carry a class of students in different directions of learning.

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A responsible subject teacher can plan and deliver his subject area effectively.

A responsible subject teacher may not necessary be a caring teacher.

A caring teacher may be able to carry and help each of his students’ problems and struggles to face them together.

A caring teacher may not be the one that can have the skills to instil the right values in his students even though he may have the heart to do so.

As we can see, teachers can play different roles in developing our students mentally and emotionally.

We can have many teachers but only those few who develop their students in more than one area.

Teachers would need super strength to develop their students beyond the four walls of their classrooms.

In conclusion

Teachers can be the greatest hero in our students’ lives.

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child. It will take all the teachers of different levels to develop our pupils beyond academic performance.

By collaborative effort, we can groom the future of our present society by transforming the lives of our students.

We cannot change and save the world like superman instantly but we can bring changes by impacting and influencing our students that our schools have put under our care each year.

Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth. By reading this post, you acknowledge and accept that. All images and pictures were taken from google images that are free from copyright under labelled for reuse.

Overcome the impossible

Sparsh Shah is a boy with brittle bones since a baby. He had suffered more than 130 fractures but he has never given up hope.

He shared in TEDx Talks about his four values that have turned impossible to possible in his life.

Image Source

In this videoclip below, I can clearly see his positive mindset even though his life is a constant struggle since birth.

I hope to discuss about the four main points that he shared in the video in this short article and I do hope you would be inspired.

Find the passion

Sparsh Shah finds his passion in music that impacts him physically and emotionally.

He even wrote many songs and performed at community events, local radio stations and television shows.

Despite his physical conditions, his passion continues to bring him to different places to performance.

His physical conditions has not hindered him to carry on his passion for music.

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How often have we found our students who may not have done well academically given up hope in life?

They come to school and we can see no passion to learn because they do not find themselves able to do so.

As teachers, we should not just teach but we should inspire our students to find their passion to learn.

A child, who is bad in Math, may be good with English.

A child, who cannot study, may be able to draw well.

A child, who cannot study or draw, may be able to sing well.

We should never limit the potential talents of our students with short-sightedness of mindset but explore the different avenues of passion that we can ignite in them.

Never hold back

When a child has a passion but he holds back when he thinks he can never do it.

Without even trying, our new generations of students have already given up.

They lack the never-give-up attitude to step out of their comfort zone.

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They are afraid of failures since they may have faced too many already.

By holding back, they cannot even have the slightest chance to see a glimpse of possible success.

They have already failed without trying.

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As teachers, we are all guilty for not giving more time for reluctant students who indicate their lack of confidence to try.

By giving up, we often cannot wait but give the chance to another student who is all ready to go for it.

With greater awareness, we can make it a point to leave this opportunity for the reluctant student to try so that we can build confidence in him.

Opportunities often do not come for such students because we do not wait as we lack the patient to wait.

We feel that time does not wait and we cannot wait too.

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Every child should be given equal opportunities for growth regardless of their abilities.

Getting a student to take baby steps forward can bring the child from holding back to coming forward boldly in time to come.

Help others

Sparsh Shah may be physically hindered but it does not hinder him from helping others.

From the video, we get to know that he had helped to raise more than half a million dollars in American dollars for various non-profit organisations.

He shared that he found the greatest satisfaction when he was able to help others for the better. He had an overwhelming gratitude for being able to help.

Image Source

He shared that he was once contacted by parents of a child with the same condition as him before his surgery. He had a facetime call with the boy that had given the boy confidence to go for his operation without fear.

Some of our students, who are unable to do well in academically, may be very good with their hands.

We can find opportunities for them to help others in class or beyond school like old folks’ home.

Through helping others, many of these students may find their self-worth and values beyond the books.

Image Source

With their self-worth increases, some may have greater determination to do better in their studies as they desire to help others in a greater way in future financially.

Education is one of the ways that they know that can enable them to find a decent job in future.

The heart of giving may just be the trigger for many miracles to happen in our students.

Dream big

Without big dreams, we may never have modern technologies and transportations that make our lives better.

It really does not cost a cent to dream big since many great organisations and companies started out as a dream by the founder.

Image Source

Without big dreams, many may just stay where they are.

By dreaming big, many may just take steps to move closer to their dreams even when they are faced with many failures.

Teachers should never stop our students from dreaming what sounds impossible.

Our words can mean a lot to our students.

A teacher, who believes in them, can be just the spark to make the impossible to possible in years to come.

In conclusion

Regardless of circumstances, there can always be possibilities when we can believe in every child.

We can build a dream or destroy a dream.

We can ignite a passion with our inspiring words or destroy a passion even before it starts through words of discouragement.

There is unlimited possibilities when we see beyond the surface and seek to find the hidden treasures within every child.

Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth. By reading this post, you acknowledge and accept that. All images and pictures were taken from google images that are free from copyright under labelled for reuse.

Leading others

Everyone is a leader in a certain way.

There are many of us who may not hold leadership position in school or at our workplace but we do face many opportunities to lead and guide new employees or co-workers who are unfamiliar with certain new tasks.

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We can have many types of leadership styles but the type of leadership style you decide to adopt can impact us in different ways.

Below is a short videoclip about how a working mum learnt about how a leader should learn to share from her daughter.

This short article will discuss briefly about the common nine types of leadership styles.


Do you prefer to work together with people who are put under your charge rather than simply give instructions?

You may be one who prefers the servant leadership style. You want to establish a common agreement with others rather than making decision on your own to get others to follow.

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You may be able to get the support of many who are under you but you may also face the dilemma whenever the suggested idea do not align with your school or company goal.


Autocratic leadership is the extreme opposite of servant leadership.

Leaders who feel good when they are in control over their staff. They like to be in control of everything.

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They often order and give instruction more than they listen to ideas.

During a meeting, it is not really to brainstorm for ideas but to disseminate and get people to agree with what he/she has already decided beforehand.

There is little or no participation of decision-making for an autocratic leader.


Inspirational leadership through effective interaction leading to the creation of a place with intellectual motivation for different possibilities.

There can be many innovative ideas, visions and thoughts. One who believes that everything is possible and there is no limit to possibilities.

Image Source

Staff are motivated but ideas shared by a transformational leader may not be grounded and may not be practical.

They need to research of different facts and craft a good action plan to carry out the vision in a progressive manner.


A leader who does not like to interfere with the roles and duties of his staff.

A leader who does not give much guidance but simply assign the task and let the staff decide what to do.

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Such leadership can have the disadvantage of lacking in maintaining consistent standard of outcomes due to no interference.

Nevertheless, it can often get the staff to work more independently leading to development of leadership and creativity of staff.


A leader who believes in rewarding people for their good performance while punishing those who do not perform up to expectations.

It is like a reward system for an exchange of performance.

Image Source

Very often, there may be a performance bonus being created to reward those who perform up to the requirement.

We can see this in jobs related to sales targets.

The staff may often result in completing assigned jobs for short-term benefits rather than long-term goals.


Democracy is really a word that most of us are familiar with.

There are many countries who want to build a democratic society to respect their citizens.

Democratic leaders often ask his staff for their opinions before making the final decision for changes or implementation of new policy.

Image Source

Staff may feel that their ideas and thoughts are valued and their leaders respect them greatly.

Changes or new policies may not be implemented very quickly since it takes time to gather opinions from staff.


Charismatic leadership is quite similar to transformational leadership. It is often hard to see the difference of both.

Leaders who use their positive personality as well as persuasive skills to lead their staff.

Image Source

They are driven by their personal beliefs and convictions.

The drawback is the absence of the leader may result in staff lacking in motivations leading to possible failures of projects or new initiatives.


Leaders who follow the rules and regulations strictly.

The need for standard operational procedures to be followed closely.

Everyone must adhere to the company policies strictly without fail.

Image Source

Everything must follow the book stated and there can be little creativity or totally no innovation to improve the current state.

Most governments definitely need to implement bureaucratic but it can be hard for a company to progress and move out of the norms without stepping out of comfort zone when following the book or rules are more important.


Leaders that adopt different leadership styles depending on the situation.

An adaptive leadership style that believes one size does not fit all.

Leaders who decide different types of leadership styles needed for different environments and situations.

Image Source

By knowing the advantages of being a situational leader may not necessary be easy to become one since we have our own preferred leadership style so using another style can be in conflict with our personality and character.

In conclusion

I have generally stated the advantages and disadvantages of different leadership styles.

Through my personal reflection, situational leadership seems to be the most flexible type to adapt to different challenging environment.

As teachers, we may often like the servant leadership since we believe in teaching and learning together as a great learning community.


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Van Eeden, R., Cilliers, F., & Van Deventer, V. (2008). Leadership styles and associated personality traits: Support for the conceptualisation of transactional and transformational leadership. South African Journal of Psychology, 38(2), 253-267.

Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth. By reading this post, you acknowledge and accept that. All images and pictures were taken from google images that are free from copyright under labelled for reuse.

Faith to keep trying

Christians believe in having faith in God.

Can faith really be the solution to all our difficulties and problems especially for students in their studies?

Image Source

Listen to the nice song below and get inspired about what faith can do.

In this short article, I would like to share about my thoughts about faith for students in their studies.

Use faith as an excuse

As teachers, we know many students who are on their mobile phones or computers even late at night.

They may be playing online games during their free time without revising what they have learnt.

Image Source

When examinations come, they become extremely holy and pray to God for a miracle for their studies.

As a Christian, I do believe nothing is impossible for God but it does not make sense for a supernatural intervention by God to fill their brains suddenly with all the knowledge that they need for examinations.

I do believe that these children may have some thoughts of the need to study while they are playing their online games but they may just ignore it as they are having too much fun.

God can remind our students of things they need to do through their parents in a very natural way.

Image Source

Our students would usually ignored them as they really hate their parents nagging at them.

Faith in God for studies

I personally believe that students, who pray to God for their studies, may get inspired to study a certain part of their books more or understand what they need to know faster when they are studying.

God can help in many ways to lead and guide students to study more effectively.

Image Source

Someone may also come naturally to help and guide these students.

All these may be considered by some students as being lucky but it can be also God who has helped them in ways that look natural.

Image Source

With faith, our focus level may also increase and our memorisation of important facts may retain more effectively since there is confidence that can affect them psychologically.

The mindset that they can do it because they have prayed and they believe God can help them.

Faith to raise the grades

It is true that there were many successful businessmen who did not start out successful in the beginning.

It was only after many failures that they finally experienced success.

Image Source

Faith can give the motivation for a student who have not been doing well in his studies to keep trying.

The faith to continue to work hard even when the results do not show can be future ingredients for great successes.

I have often told my students not to give up even the last moment. This is a great fighting spirit that we can nurture in them.

With the mental mindset of facing present failures as not failures but learning experience to help them in future successes.

Image Source

Success can take a short time or years to reach. It can come sooner or later when one does not give up easily.

This attitude can bring other successes for our students in their future as adults.

In conclusion

When a man prays to get on a plane on time but later misses it.

He may be angry when his prayer is not answered.

When the plane crashes into the ocean, he may start to thank God for the protection and delay.

Prayers that are not answered can be due to the wrong season or timing. There can also be due to our own readiness.

Image Source

Christian students must know that there can be many ways God can help them in their studies but their ways may not be God’s ways.

They must just start to pick up those books after their prayers and let God do the rest according to what is best for them.

Very often, it may look very natural for their prayers being answered.

Prayers should never be used as excuses for laziness.

Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth. By reading this post, you acknowledge and accept that. All images and pictures were taken from google images that are free from copyright under labelled for reuse.

Educated mind but uneducated heart without right values

Many of us, who are teachers, feel great whenever our students do great in their examinations.

We also feel that we are successful in educating our students when our students manage to graduate from universities.

Image Source

The fact that they are degree holders do not necessarily mean they have the right values in life.

In my short article, I intend to discuss the brutal facts of the social discrimination of some graduates have due to their educational level.

Below is a short videoclip about a business graduate who learnt a valuable lesson about her social discrimination as a result of her pride in her educational level.

Pride of a graduate

We may be proud of our achievements but having pride in our achievements can be a totally different story.

Some graduates feel that being educated make them in a higher status than others who are not degree holders.

Image Source

They may even look down on people around them who earn through manual work.

Have we educated our students wrongly in certain ways?

I believe we may have especially the way we have tried to get our students to work harder or put in more effort in their studies.

Many teachers may have also told their students that getting a good education is the way to achieve success in life.

Image Source

I believe our main intention is to get our students to be serious with their studies and maximise their potential in learning.

Teachers of different levels may have repeated the similar words to our students leading to a subconsciousness that success is based on the amount of education that they are able to achieve.

These students, who manage to become graduates, may just develop pride for their academic achievements.

Importance of education

I have changed the way how I share about the importance of working hard in studies with my graduating students for many years after I realised my mistake.

Nowadays, I would tell my students that education is not the only way to become successful but education can provide more opportunities for them in future.

Image Source

There are plenty of stories of successful people who are not degree holders and they achieve a lot more than the educated ones.

The fact that many of the degree holders may be working for bosses who are not highly educated at all.

Education is an important foundation to open their path to many future opportunities but we cannot treat education as the only way for success.

Image Source

Through the change of how I share about the importance of learning and getting educated, I aim to install the right attitude and understanding from young.

Many highly educated people may not want to take risk especially in business since they know that they can get a stable income with their qualifications.

Without high education, there are many who dare to take calculated risk for greater achievements since they may not earn as much if they work for the rest of their lives as manual labourers.

Social discrimination

This is indeed a sensitive topic to discuss and everyone may have their own opinions.

From the videoclip that I shared, the business graduate, Jiamin, was left to look after an old shop for her grandfather.

She met many manual workers and we can see from her facial expressions that she despised them as she had the pride of being a graduate.

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She was rude to the customers due to her status discrimination.

She felt ashamed when her university friend was at the shop to buy a drink as she may have felt that working at the old shop was a lowly job.

The impact came when an old man tried to buy a packet of cigarette with a one-thousand dollar note.

Her pride was shaken as she was not able to believe that an old man, that she probably assumed as lowly educated, could have such money.

Near the end of the video, she confronted the old man and caused him to fall.

The money fell to the ground and she thought that the people around her were trying to take the money but they were picking up for her.

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At the end, she understood what her grandfather said before he left the shop. The people around the neighbourhood can be very nice especially when one is nice to them.

I believe that she has learnt not to judge a book by its cover as well as values beyond academic achievements.

In conclusion

It is important that we teach our students that it is important to be educated but education does not make them a different class from others who are not educated.

We must teach them to appreciate others around them who may work as manual workers.

Without cooks, many of us cannot get a good meal in a restaurant when we need one.

Without construction workers, we would not have houses to stay.

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Every occupation is important in our society so we should never allow our students to have social discrimination as well as looking down on others.

A successful education should not just educate the mind but we should educate their hearts with the right values.

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Grow up fast

There was a time when work-life balance was such a hot topic and we were aware the need of it.

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As teachers, we are guilty of spending more time to nurture other children than our own children.

We can be great teachers but we may not be great parents at home.

We advise parents what to do with their children at home but we may be guilty of the same issue at home too.

Below is a short video about an impatient young working mother who recapped her childhood and learn to treasure the time with her son.

This short article is simply my reflection to raise awareness of the need to spend time with our children.

Busy at work

As an educator, I am guilty of bringing home my school work since there is really limited time for me to complete the various administrative work as well as marking my students’ work.

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We have not even taken into account about the time needed to plan our lessons for effective teaching and learning.

Just last Friday evening, the head of level told me that she would need my help to craft the Risk Assessment form as my level is going for an outdoor learning journey this coming week.

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This is really last minute as the Risk Assessment is usually done within 7 days before the learning journey. We would need the approvals from both the Risk Assessment officer and the school leader. All these would take time.

I believe you can imagine how I felt. It was probably given to me as I am usually quite efficient in the things that I do.

In the video, the frustrated young mother, Grace, shouted at her son when her son wanted to spend time with her before bedtime but she was too busy with her work at home.

After shouting at her son, she felt guilty and went into the room to spend some time with her son.

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When her son fell asleep, she spoke to her own mum about her desire for her son to grow up fast so that she could have her own free time again.

I do feel guilty when I do not have the quality time to teach my own children at home since there are always plenty of things to keep me busy.

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I believe this is not just my personal issue as I know many teachers, who are parents in my school, also face the same issue.

Taking time out to spend quality time with our own children takes determination.

Grow up fast

In the video, Grace mentioned about her desire to have her son to grow up fast.

When she sat with her own mum, they looked back to the past of her childhood and how fast time flew without her knowing it.

Her mum told the young mum that she might have held her mum’s hand for a moment when she was a child but she held her mother’s heart for a lifetime.

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Our children can never stay young forever and they may leave us to set up their own families in future.

My older son, who is a teenager now, does not need my time as he would rather spend it with his girlfriend.

When our children are still young, it is the time for us to build lasting memories.

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When our children become working adults, they would be too busy with their work. When they are free, they may just want to have time for themselves rather than to spend time with us.

The busy work cycle can be from generations to generations so the effort we make to spend time with our children can be an impact to them as parents themselves in the future.

When can we be free to spend time with our own children?

Is it to wait for our retirement?

By then, they do not need our time anymore and it is too late to bring the past time back.

In conclusion

Writing this article is a great reminder for myself about the time that I should have with my son.

I am still guilty as I am always busy in writing articles to post in steemit rather than spending time with my son.

I guess we really need to consider how we can balance steemit, our day job and our family time.

Really appreciate that you took time to read to the end and I hope the video as well as this article has started to get you to reflect about your time with your child.

Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth. By reading this post, you acknowledge and accept that. All images and pictures were taken from google images that are free from copyright under labelled for reuse.

Giving beyond your own lifetime

The love of parents and grandparents really is the greatest love because they often give unconditionally even beyond their own lifetime.

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Below is a touching videoclip of the love that a grandmother had for her mentally challenged grandson.

The grandmother, Ailing, was the sole caregiver for her mentally challenged grandson.

Ailing found out that she had brain cancer and she was not able to take care of her grandson anymore.

She did seek her relatives for help but to no avail. It is common for most people to take care of their own needs more than others.

She recorded simple instructions for her grandson using a tape recorder and she also arranged for the delivery of porridge to her house daily for her grandson.

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She made plans for her grandson so that her grandson could be taken care of even when she was no longer around.

This short article is just my thoughts about plans we can have for our family.

Steemit and other crypto-related passwords

I know that we should always keep our steemit password safe and we should not reveal it to others.

I have viewed my development of my steemit account as one of the possible financial sources for my family even when I am no longer around.

I have saved the different passwords of steemit and crypto-related accounts into a thumb drive.

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This thumb drive is not just a backup but an access to my online income for my family to withdraw when I am no longer around.

As a parent of a special needs, I hope to leave my main steemit account to my son so that he can have an income to support himself.

Building my steemit account can be an inheritance that I can leave for my family which can continue to generate financial support even when I am no longer around.


Many people buy insurance to ensure they can leave a nice amount of cash for their families when they are no longer around.

It is also true that not everyone thinks that it is necessary.

Buying an insurance really is a commitment since early redemption would be losing all the possible interest.

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It is a good way to force ourselves to save money for the future and it can be a nice retirement fund if we are still around many years to come.

When we are buying insurance, we should see the benefits and clauses behind carefully as there can be traps that insurance companies used to disapprove the insurance payout.

It is always important not to just see the great benefits on the surface but choose a reputable and trustworthy insurance companies.

Set aside a small percentage for saving

With the high expenditure of living, it is hard to save.

We agree that we should save but most of us may have spent to the last cent each month with different bills and loans to pay.

It takes great determination to forgo certain luxury like a fancy meal that we have weekly to save up the money.

As Christians, we were taught that saving little by little makes us rich.

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Not many of us can strike the lotteries to have a sudden windfall of money but we can accumulate some money monthly to have a slow and steady accumulation of future wealth.

We have to set realistic saving goal that we can achieve. We should set an amount that we are comfortable with and does not affect our normal expenditure too much.

Making a will

Without an official will make, our assets can go through many channels and can even be denied by laws to our immediate family members.

For those of us we can afford, it is good to approach a lawyer to draft a proper will so that our distributions of all our assets can benefit our family members.

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We can also use online templates for drafting our will on our own but we need to ensure that the will drafted is a valid one in our own country.

We must also choose a trustable friend or relative to ensure that our will is being carried out.

The fact that our assets like houses or even bank accounts can be freezed by laws and it can even take many years before our assets can be released to our family members without a proper will made.

In conclusion

Many of us are not steemit whales or millionaires that can leave a huge inheritance for our families, we should have careful planning for their future.

We should take time to reflect what are the possible plans we can make now as we do not know what can happen in the future.

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Just like what Winston Churchill said about the failing to plan is the planning to fail.

We can even set up a small trust fund to donate to charity as well as regular payout to our family members to ensure the money left behind is well-spent.

Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth. By reading this post, you acknowledge and accept that. All images and pictures were taken from google images that are free from copyright under labelled for reuse.